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Learning to Write in English

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From basic sentence writing to writing business letters or essays, these resources will teach you how to write in English.

English as 2nd Language Spotlight10

Interrupting in English

Learn how to interrupt politely in English, as well as respond to interruptions by either allowing or disallowing the interruption using these phrases.

Common Business Idioms Gap Fill

This business idiom gap fill quiz tests 20 of the most common business idioms in English. Check out your English speaking business savvy.

Examples of Using Equivalent Forms for Writing

Here are sentences written in a number of different forms called equivalencies. The use of equivalencies will help English learners vary their writing.

Understanding Infinitive Use in English

Infinitives can function as subject, object of a verb, adjective or adverb. Learn how to use infinitives as more than just a verb.

How to Use Gerunds in English

Learn how to use the gerund in English as the subject of the sentence, the object of a verb or preposition and as the subject compliment.

Dating Service - Match the Mates

Practice your English with this reading comprehension concerning a dating service. Match the various people looking for partners and compare answers.

Ten Reasons to Learn English

Ten reasons why you should learn English - or continue to learn English. These are reasons that have nothing to do with getting a good grade on a test.

The Economy is Tough - Idioms and Expressions Story

Learn idioms and expressions in context in this short story about the difficult economic times. Each idiom or expression is defined.

Rising and Falling Intonation - Pronunciation

Guide to the use of rising and falling intonation with different types of punctuation and questions to improve your English pronunciation skills.

My Cousin Crazy Eddy - Idioms in Context for English Learners

My Cousin Crazy Eddy is a story full of idioms and expressions in context for English language learners and classes.

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