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Learning to Write in English

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From basic sentence writing to writing business letters or essays, these resources will teach you how to write in English.

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Give these gap fills a try

Monday April 21, 2014

If you are an intermediate to advanced level learner, you'll find these two vocabulary gap fill quizzes challenging. The first focuses what goes into successful parenting. The next provides a short situation in which a squatter helps the police. Give them both a try!

Speaking English with Your Doctor or Patient

Saturday April 19, 2014

If you are in the medical profession, or if you live in an English speaking country, you'll need to communicate effectively and understand specific questions about your / your patient's health. These dialogues provide practice conversations and key vocabulary related to conversations between health care professionals and patients.

Making an Appointment with the Dentist
Making a Doctor's Appointment
Dental Check-up - Doctor and Patient
Dental Hygiene - Dental Hygienist and Patient
Dental Receptionist
Troubling Symptoms - Doctor and Patient
Joint Pain - Doctor and Patient
A Physical Examination - Doctor and Patient
Pain that Comes and Goes - Doctor and Patient
A Prescription - Doctor and Patient
Feeling Queasy - Nurse and Patient
Helping a Patient - Nurse and Patient
Patient Details - Administration Staff and Patient

Writing Your First Sentences

Thursday April 17, 2014

This lesson will help you write your very first sentences. Follow each step reading the description and you will learn how to write three different types of sentences. For example:

Mary is tall.
Mary is a student.
Mary is a tall student.

This is a good place to start writing sentences for beginners.

Teaching Beginners Parts of Speech

Monday April 14, 2014

Learning parts of speech can be a real challenge for beginners. However, learning to recognize just four - noun / verb / adjective / adverb - will greatly help them develop a feeling for the structure of English. Use this parts of speech lesson to ask students to label sentences with appropriate parts of speech. Once students are comfortable with these basics, move on to teaching the basic sentence types in English.

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