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Quiz Central is the place to find quizzes of all kinds. This area is continually expanding with new quizzes and categories, so make sure to visit often. Better yet, why not sign up for About.com's ESL Newsletter? This weekly information sheet keeps you up to date about new quizzes, as well as other features and things of interest to students and teachers of English.

Grammar Quizzes
Grammar quizzes ranging from beginning to advanced levels.

Idiom and Phrasal Verb Quizzes
These quizzes focus on two of the more difficult areas of English learning: Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.

Listening Quizzes
Listening comprehension quizzes using RealAudio for real time listening practice. Quizzes ranging from number recognition to short story excerpt comprehension.

Vocabulary Quizzes
Quizzes designed to help improve vocabulary. Subjects range from confusing words to Internet slang.

Why are you learning English?
Take this ten question quiz to discover what kind of English learner you are and follow the links to areas of the site that will help you learn what you need!

English Learning Myths and Ideas
People learn English for many different reasons. People also have many different styles of learning English. Take this quiz about certain English learning ideas and receive some helpful advice for you to think about while learning English.

Printable Quizzes for the Classroom
A number of quizzes on this site are interactive and difficult to print out. Now, you can go to this page to print out these quizzes for in class use.

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