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Book - The Language Instinct - Steven Pinker

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The Bottom Line

"The Language Instinct" provides a deeper understanding of the language learning process and is an excellent read for any teacher of learner of a foreign language.
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  • Extremely informative
  • Thought provoking
  • Inspires Teaching


  • Maybe too theoretical or some


  • Steven Pinker provides an innovative theory about how we learn langugages.
  • Considering the ideas presented in this book, teachers receive new insight and teaching inspiration
  • Pinker's writing style is humorous while informative making the ideas presented easier for all.
  • Many of the ideas presented will help relate learners' L1 to L2.

Guide Review - Book - The Language Instinct - Steven Pinker

"The Language Instinct" by Steven Pinker presents an innovative theory as to how language is acquired. While this book is not written with ESL teaching in mind, it presents theories and explanations of language learning that prove stimulating and inspiring for an ESL / EFL setting. Teachers will find many ideas that help them relate students' L1 to English. Advanced learners will find the book helps them understand their own language learning process which will help further refine their English skills. Pinkers' style is humorous and entertaining, making it a lot of fun to absorb his ideas on language learning.
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