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How To Use a Computer in Class


The principle idea is that the computer is treated as just another - albeit powerful - learning tool. As such, the computer is not the focus of the lesson - effective English learning is.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 45 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Select target structure or function by deciding what students need to focus on considering past lessons and future goals.
  2. Select computer materials to be used: Are you going to use a program, the Internet or maybe word processing? Choose just one.
  3. Plan the lesson in the typical four areas: warm-up, introduction of materials, class work, summary. Divide the computer section of the lesson into at least two sections.
  4. Make sure that you prepare the computer before you enter the classroom. This means loading the computer with the chosen material ahead of time.
  5. When you begin to use the computer in class, remind students that more experienced computer users should be patient and help less experienced users.
  6. Students who are not comfortable using computers should be placed with students who are.
  7. Have students work on the first task. Communication should be encouraged, as working with a computer is a great task for conversation.
  8. After task is finished, discuss specific language skills and/or objectives with students.
  9. Have students work on second task and repeat the above.
  10. Use the computer as a springboard for discussion. For example, ask students explain to other students what they have just read in reading comprehension.


  1. Keep focused objectives in mind. It is extremely easy for students to begin exploring the infinite world at their finger tips and that can be counterproductive.
  2. Don't insist that students who are not comfortable with computers use them. Let other, more computer savvy, students dominate if necessary.
  3. Students more comfortable with the computer should be strongly discouraged from using other resources available in the program itself, or in other programs.

What You Need

  • Comupter
  • Appropriate Software
  • Preparation Time
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