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Reading Comprehension for Beginners - A Secretary's Desk

Secretaries usually have an older computer and a telephone on their desk. The usually have an older computer because the managers are often the first to receive the latest technological equipment. Secretaries' desks are often tidy as they are usually tidier than the bosses. You will also find an agenda of some sort because secretaries need to make appointments for their bosses. Secretaries' desks often have pictures of their children and families that they look at from time to time during the day. In the past, secretaries were usually women. Today, however, more and more men are becoming secretaries as more and more women become managers and the workplace becomes more equal.

True Or False

Decide if the statements are 'true' or 'false' based on the reading. Click on the arrow to check your answer.
  1. Secretaries are usually tidier than their bosses.


  2. Secretaries often have pictures of their families on their desks.


  3. Secretaries usually have a new computer.


  4. Secretaries make appointments for their bosses.


  5. Secretaries are always women.


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