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Basic Prepositions: Time and Place - at, in, on and to

'At, in, on' and ''to' are used with both time and place in English. Read the paragraph below and learn the rules of when to use these prepositions in the chart. Finally, take the quiz to check your understanding.

Read the story below:

I was born in Seattle, Washington on the 19th of April in 1961. Seattle is in the State of Washington in the United States. That was many years ago... Now, I live in Leghorn in Italy. I work at the British School. I sometimes go to a movie on the weekend. I meet my friends at the movie theater at 8 o'clock or later. In the summer, usually in August, I go home to visit my family in America. My family and I go to the beach and relax in the sun in the morning and in the afternoon! In the evening, we often eat at a restaurant with our friends. Sometimes, we go to a bar at night.

Look at the chart below:

IN We use in with months - in May
seasons - in winter
country - in Greece
city or town names - in New York
times of the day - in the morning, afternoon or evening
BUT at night!
ON We use "on" with specific days - on Friday, on New Year's Day, on April the 19th
American English - "on the weekend OR on weekends"
AT We use "at" with specific times - at 7 o'clock, at 6.15
at night
specific places in a city - at school
British English - "at the weekend OR at weekends"
TO We use "to" with verbs which show movement such as go and come - He goes to school.
She returned to the store.
They are coming to the party tonight.
Fill in the gaps in this paragraph with the prepositions - in, on, at or to. Click on the arrow to see the answer.

Janet was born Rochester December 22nd 3 o'clock the morning. Rochester is the state of New York the United States. Now, she goes classes the university> She usually arrives the morning 8 o'clock. weekends, she likes driving her friend's house Canada. Her friend lives Toronto. She usually arrives 9 the evening and leaves Sunday morning. Saturday, they often meet friends a restaurant. night, they sometimes go a disco. summer, July for example, they often go the countryside.

Write some sentences about your life!

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