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The Weather


Look at the pictures for clues and put these weather words into the correct gaps: hot, raining, windy, sun, sunny, blowing, cloud, rain, wind, cloudy, rainy, shining, cold

The sun
  • The sun is today.
  • It is today.
  • The earth needs the .
  • The weather is great today. It's nice and .

  • The wind is today.
  • It will be tomorrow.
  • The strong will come from the south.

  • It will tomorrow.
  • The weather will be next week.
  • The will come from the north.
  • The temperature will be very - 5 below freezing.

  • It is hard today.
  • It will tomorrow.
  • It will probably be for the whole day tomorrow.

  • I hope it won't be tomorrow.
  • Look at that

Learn about how to predict the weather in English

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