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Preposition Use - in / at / on - prepositions of place

Test you knowledge of the prepositions in / at / on showing position. Choose either in, at, or on and click on the arrow to see you have answered correctly.

  1. The label is the bottle.
  2. Jack is waiting the bottom of the stairs.
  3. Our seat are the third row.
  4. Turn left the lights.
  5. He's sitting the chair next to the piano.
  6. I met Jack the street.
  7. He has a lot of beautiful pictures the wall.
  8. I live the fifth floor of my apartment building.
  9. We waited for over an hour the bus-stop.
  10. Who is that woman the photograph?
  11. You will find an explanation page 18.
  12. Paris is the river Seine.
  13. The instructions are the back of the box.
  14. What do you have your hands?
  15. Can you see who is the door?

Continue Learning for Beginners Unit 6 Unit 6 - Usage of 'in' / 'at' / 'on' , Adverbs

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