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Common Questions with How

'How' is used in a number of various combinations to ask questions. Here are the most common combinations followed by a quiz to test your knowledge.

How often

'How often' is used to ask about the frequency with which someone does something.

Example: How often do they go to the theatre?

How long does it take?

'How long' is used to time ask about the duration of an activity.

Example: How long does it take to get to Chicago by plane?

How various adjectives

'How' is combined with various adjectives to ask detailed information about an object.

Example: How deep is the river? - How wide is the platform?

How much

'How much' is used to ask about a singular, non-countable quantity. The most common question is: How much does it cost?

Example: How much water is in the bucket?

How many

'How many' is used to ask about plural, countable objects.

Example: How many apples are there in the fridge?

How about 'ing'

'How about ing' is used to make a suggestion.

Example: How about having dinner with me tonight?

How do you verb

'How do you verb' is used to ask about the manner in which something is done.

Example: How do you cook rabbit?

How do you do

This is a funny manner of greeting in English. It is only used the first time you meet someone and is responded to with 'How do you do' or 'Pleased to meet you.'

Example: How do you do. - How do you do.


Choose the correct word to combine with 'how' to ask the question for the response given. Click on the arrow to check your answer.

  1. How does the film last?

    It lasts about two hours.

  2. How you do?

    How do you do.

  3. How you get so much done?

    I work long hours.

  4. How driving this afternoon?

    OK, I'll do the driving this afternoon.

  5. How does it cost?

    About $45

  6. How is the exam?

    Very difficult!

  7. How people are coming?

    Almost 100

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