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English Listening Quizzes: Renting a House

You will hear John who is calling about an advertisement he saw in the newspaper to rent a house. You will hear the selection twice. Write down the answers to the questions and then click on the arrow to see if you have answered correctly.

  1. What is the telephone number?
  2. How far is the house from the centre of Cardiff?
  3. How far is the train stop from the house?
  4. How often does the train go?
  5. Are there any shops nearby?
  6. What is downstairs?
  7. How many bedrooms are there?
  8. Is it furnished?
  9. Does the kitchen have a fridge?
  10. Does the kitchen have a dishwasher?
  11. What kind of heating does the house have?
  12. Where is the garage?
  13. How do you get into the garage?
  14. What is the problem with the garage?
  15. What would the owner like the renter to do?
  16. How much does it cost?
  17. How long do they agree to make a contract for?
  18. When does she finish working?
  19. When will they meet?
  20. What is her name?
  21. What is the address?

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Listening comprehension audio kindly provided by the British Schools Group Italy

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