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Listening Quiz - Exchanging a Gift

You will hear a customer asking for help in a shop. Write down the answers to the questions concerning what he wants. You will hear the listening twice. After you have finished, click on the arrow to see if you have answered the questions correctly.

  1. What did the man receive as a gift?

  2. What does he not want the present?

  3. What can he do with the gift?

  4. What could he exchange it for?

  5. What would he like?

  6. What kind of style does he like?

  7. Does it cost more or less than the wallet?

  8. Can he find anything that costs the same as his wallet?

  9. What does he decide he wants to do?

  10. Who would he like to speak to?

  11. What does the woman think the manager will say?

  12. Where has the manager been?

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