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English Listening Quizzes: An Interview With A Famous Dancer

You will hear a man interviewing a famous dancer. Write down the answers to the questions he asks. You will hear the listening twice. After you have finished, click on the arrow to see if you have answered the questions correctly.

  1. Where was she born?
  2. How long did she live in Hungary?
  3. Where was she born?
  4. Why wasn't she born in a hospital?
  5. What day is her birthday?
  6. Was she born in 1930?
  7. Did her parents leave Hungary with her?
  8. What did her father do?
  9. What did her mother do?
  10. Why did her mother travel a lot?
  11. When did she begin to dance?
  12. Where did she study dance?
  13. Where did she go after Budapest?
  14. Why did she leave her first husband?
  15. Which country was her second husband from?
  16. How many husbands has she had?

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Listening comprehension audio kindly provided by the British Schools Group Italy

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