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English Listening Quizzes: Numbers # 1

Click on the Audio Symbol below. Listen and write the numbers down that you hear in the following sentences. Each sentence is repeated twice.

  1. Current research shows that Americans stop smoking each year.
  2. Could you give Jack a call at ?
  3. We're thinking about getting a house. Currently, the average mortgage is about
  4. new jobs have been created in the high tech sector over the past years.
  5. Jane is celebrating her thirtieth birthday next monday!
  6. of all Americans eat a hamburger at least once a week.
  7. The density of hydrogen is in that compound.
  8. So, what time shall we get together next week? What do you say if meet for lunch at a .
  9. Statistics show that flossing a day can greatly improve general dental hygiene.
  10. Wall Street closed up .
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