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Confusing Words Quiz

This confusing words quiz focuses on words that are very similar and commonly confused. Confusing words may be difficult because they are spelled similarly such as the words receipt / recipe. Other words are confusing because they are used for a similar function but in a different context. Take a look at the examples below for examples of these types of words.

Confusing Word Types

Example: Title / Headline

The book's title is The Difficult Years.
The article's headline is Presidential Campaign Tight

As you can see from the context, 'title' is used with books and 'headline' is used with newspapers.

A third type of confusing words are words with similar grammar functions, but different grammar constructions.

Example: while / during

She was cooking dinner while Mary was reading a book.
She was cooking dinner during the game.

'While' is used with a full phrase and 'during' is used with a noun or noun phrase.

This confusing words quiz will help you learn words through context. If you answer incorrectly, make sure to read the sentence carefully to note the key differences between the two words.

Take the Confusing Words Quiz

Choose the correct word to complete the question. Each question has only one correct answer. When you are finished click on the "Next Question" button. There are 50 questions to this quiz. Try to use only 30 seconds per question. At the end of the quiz, you will receive quiz feedback.

Teachers: Printable version of this Confusing Words quiz for in-class use

Confusing Words

Confusing Words Quiz 1
Confusing Words Quiz 2 - Advanced

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