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Simple Past or Present Perfect Review Quiz

The choice between the simple past or the present perfect depends on whether an event takes place at a specific point in the past. Use the present perfect to express experiences without specific dates, actions happening from past to present, or recent events. Use the simple past to express something that happened at a specific point of time in the past. Check your knowledge with this quiz.

Simple or Present Perfect?

Each question has only one correct answer. Choose between the various conjugations of the verbs in parentheses (). When you are finished click on the "Next Question" button. There are 30 questions to this quiz. Try to use only 1 minute per question. At the end of the quiz, you will receive quiz feedback.

The simple past review page and the present perfect review page can help you better understand the rules for the questions in this quiz.

Take the Quiz

Teachers: Printable version of this Past Simple vs. Present Perfect Review Quiz for in-class use.

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