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Can / Be Able To - Quiz

'Can' and 'Be Able to' are used to speak about abilities. Both forms can be used in the present or the past. In this quiz, choose the correct form of 'can' or 'to be able to' to complete the sentences below. Once you have decided on your answer, click on the arrow to check your answer.

Tom (buy) a new house last month.

(they/play) tennis well?

She (not/understand) the question yesterday.

Fred (speak) Russian when he was six years old.

When (you/come) tomorrow?

Unfortunately, they (get) the bread this morning.

I (not / play) golf last Thursday.

(you / speak) Japanese?

(he / come) to the party next weekend.

They (get) tickets to the Rolling Stones concert last week.

How (you / convince) him to come to the exhibition last week?

She (enjoy) the concert because of the noise outside.

Information on the usage and construction of Can and To Be Able To

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