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Different Uses of "Like"

The correct use of 'like' is of fundamental importance in many basic questions. The fact that these questions use 'like' as a verb or a preposition can further complicate the issue. Ask the correct question using 'like' as either a verb or a preposition.

Example: She's very intelligent and quite likable. - What's she like?

  • Oh, she is very interesting. She is very involved in community activities and loves the outdoors.

  • He's fine, thank you.

  • Just awful, it hasn't stopped raining for the last three days.

  • Reading science fiction, watching classic films on late night tv.

  • Very pretty, she's got short blond hair, blue eyes and usually wears jeans and a t-shirt.

  • A beer, if that's no problem.

  • He's quite the entertainer. He loves having people over for dinner.

  • It can be spicy AND sweet. It's delicious.

  • It's a painting of a countryside with lots of flowers in the foreground.

  • He can be difficult at times.

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