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Quiz - Paired Conjunctions

Paired conjunctions are often used in both spoken and written English to make a point, give an explanation, or discuss alternatives. The most common paired conjunctions include:

both ... and
neither ... nor
either ... or
not only ... but also

Unfortunately, not only are they difficult to use, but their structure is also rather strict!

Match the sentence halves to make a complete sentence.

  • Both Peter
  • Not only do we want to go
  • Either Jack will have to work more hours
  • That story was
  • Students who do well not only study hard
  • In the end he had to choose
  • Sometimes it is
  • I would love to take
  • but we also have enough money.
  • neither true nor realistic.
  • not only wise to listen to your parents but also interesting.
  • and I are coming next week.
  • either his career or his hobby.
  • both my laptop and my cell phone on holiday.
  • but also use their instincts if they do not know the answer.
  • or we will have to hire somebody new.

Combine the following sentences into one sentence using paired conjunctions: both ... and; not only ... but also; either ... or; neither ... nor

  • We could fly. We could go by train.

  • She will have to study hard. She will have to concentrate to do well on the exam.

  • Jack is not here. Tom is in another city.

  • The speaker will not confirm the story. The speaker will not deny the story.

  • Pneumonia is a dangerous disease. Small pox is a dangerous illness.

  • Fred loves traveling. Jane wants to go around the world.

  • It might rain tomorrow. It might snow tomorrow.

  • Smoking isn't good for your heart. Drinking isn't good for your health.

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