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Passive to Active Transformations

Take the following sentences in the passive voice and put them into the active voice. Once you have decided on your answer, click on the arrow to see if you have answered correctly. For more information about how to use the passive voice, refer to this passive voice usage chart.

  1. The instructions have been changed.

    Someone the instructions.

  2. She will have to be taught.

    Someone her.

  3. This car was manufactured in Japan by Toyota.

    Toyota this car in Japan.

  4. Why aren't the exercises being finished on time?

    Why the exercises on time?

  5. Last year 2,000 new units had been produced by the time we introduced the new design.

    We 2,000 new units by the time we introduced the new design last year.

  6. Casual clothes must not be worn.

    You casual clothes.

  7. $400,000 in profit has been reported this year.

    The company $400,000 in profit this year.

  8. The test will be given at five o'clock this afternoon.

    The school the test at five o'clock this afternoon.

  9. Students are required to wear uniforms at all times.

    The school students to wear uniforms at all times.

  10. This rumor must have been started by our competitors.

    Our competitors this rumor.

  11. All work will have been completed by five o'clock this evening.

    You all work by five o'clock this evening.

  12. We were told to wait here.

    Someone us to wait here.

  13. Lunch was being served when we arrived.

    They lunch when we arrived.

  14. Lectures are recorded and posted on the Internet.

    They lectures on the Internet.

  15. Portuguese has always been spoken in this village.

    People in this village Portuguese.

Passive Voice Usage Explanation and Transformation Chart

Active to Passive Transformation

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