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Question Tags Quiz

If we want to ask for information we usually use the standard question form. However, sometimes we just want to keep a conversation going, or confirm information. In this case, question tags are often used to solicit input or confirmation to what we are saying. Using question tags well also promotes a keen understanding of the use of various auxiliary verbs.

Decide which question tag belongs to each question.. Each question tag is used only once. Check your answer by clicking on the arrow.

isn't it?, has he?, had they?, were you?, aren't you?, doesn't he?, do you?, is she?, didn't you?, won't he?, did she?

  1. She didn't watch the film last night,
  2. It's great to see each other again,
  3. He comes every Friday,
  4. You're married,
  5. You went to Tom's last weekend,
  6. You don't like tripe,
  7. She isn't much of a cook,
  8. He hasn't lived here long,
  9. You weren't invited to the party,
  10. He'll go to university,
  11. They hadn't visited you before,
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For more help on asking questions in English, especially questions using 'wh' words, watch this video with Ellen Quish, an ESL specialist from the Adult Learning Center at LaGuardia Community College in New York City.

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