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Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous?

Put each of the following verbs into either the present perfect or present perfect continuous.

  1. Why are your hands dirty? - Oh I (work) in the garden.
  2. It's nine o'clock. Jack (teach) for 4 hours tonight.
  3. I (work) at this company for a long time.
  4. Brad (think) poorly of Marsha for a long time.
  5. Why are you shaking so? What (you/do)?
  6. Lucky Susan she (visit) so many different countries!
  7. I (live) in Seattle for 5 years.
  8. (you/finish) your homework yet?
  9. He (arrive) from Tokyo.
  10. I (think) for a long time and I (decide) that you need to give up your job.
  11. Nick (buy) a new house!
  12. Some of my students (study) English for over 5 years.
  13. It's a quarter to nine! I (wait) for over three hours!
  14. (ever/drive) a Rolls Royce?
  15. I would like to help you but I (just/eat) and I need to take a nap.

The present perfect tenses are also often confused with the past simple. This present perfect vs past simple quiz will help you test your understanding of when to use the present perfect or past simple.

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