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Collocation Use with Take, Have and Break

The verbs 'take', 'have' and 'break' are among the most common in English and are used with a number of nous as set expressions. It is often true that another verb might make sense, but these combinations are expected by the listener. Each noun is followed by a drop down box. To get the most out of this quiz, decide whether 'take', 'have' or 'break' should be used with the noun listed. For even more practice, make sure to write example sentences to practice these expressions.

Take Have Break
a break

a leg

a headache

a window

a haircut

an exam

a seat


the law

a holiday

a taxi

a world record

someone's heart

a bath

someone's temperature

a relationship

a look

a promise

a chance

a drink

the rules



a habit

the ice

a rest

a rest

someone's place

the news to someone

a problem

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