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Put each of the following words or phrases in the correct gap.

program, channel, commercials, quiz shows, subjective, prime-time, documentary, media, newscast, viewers, soap operas, watch, switch, surfing, couch potato, talk shows, series, movie, network, cable, infomercials

TV is an incredibly varied which goes from awful to fantastic. Of course, what you consider worthwhile is a very matter. Personally, I think that such as The Bold and the Beautiful are the very worst! There is nothing worse than being a , sitting there from one to the next. There certainly is a lot to choose from though. The major are having quite a lot of competition from the channels. I really like these channels as they often offer that I really enjoy. Nature shows and other informational are wonderful. One thing I like to watch during the evening, the so called , are the question and answer shows called and a . I also like a few of the , such as Friends. The worst thing about television are the . Even worse are the , which can last up to 30 minutes! I usually channels and something else. One of the strangest things about television are the . I don't really understand what like about these shows. Oh well, what a world we live in!
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