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Places - Buildings People Live In

Match the person to the buildings they live in, two buildings are not used. Click on the arrow to see if you have answered correctly.

  • an Eskimo
  • an American Indian living in the 19th century
  • a nun
  • a camper
  • a logger in Washington State
  • an eighty-year-old with no living relatives
  • a soldier
  • a sailor
  • the President of the US
  • a queen
  • vacationers who prefer a less formal and inexpensive way to have a vacation
  • a traveling sales representative away from home
  • a tramp or bum
  • the British Prime Minister
  • skiers in the mountains
  • a rich married couple on vacation
  • a monk
  • a successful advertising executive
  • a cowboy
  1. a convent or nunnery
  2. a tent or camper
  3. a nursing home
  4. barracks or living quarters
  5. a motel
  6. an aircraft carrier
  7. a shanty, shed, cardboard box
  8. an old hut
  9. the Whitehouse
  10. a monastery
  11. a (log-)cabin
  12. a chalet
  13. an igloo
  14. a guest house or
  15. a palace or castle
  16. a villa
  17. a ranch
  18. a penthouse (suite)
  19. 10 Downing Street
  20. a wigwam or tepee
  21. bed and breakfast

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