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Whole Brain Learning Tools and Tips

Right and Left BrainThis guide links to a number of classroom activities and learning techniques that are based on the concept of whole brain learning. The core concept of whole brain learning and related teaching concepts, such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Suggestopedia, Brain Friendly, Mind Mapping and more, is that effective long term learning is facilitated when the whole brain is involved. In traditional learning methods, we tend to focus on the use of the left brain only, i.e. charts, logic, mathematical forumulas etc. In the concepts and activities discussed on the following pages, not only right and left hemisphere learning is requried, but also other areas such as the reflex brain, the limbic brain and the "new" brain.

The concepts referred to will be put into the context of ESL and EFL teaching. However, these concepts are equally valid for any learning situation. Come back often as new ideas, activities and tricks and tools are added.

Six years ago researchers reported that people scored better on a standard IQ test after listening to Mozart. You would be surprised at how much music can also help English learners.

A visual explanation of the different parts of the brain, how they work and an example ESL EFL exercise employing the specific area.

The brain is an organ and can be physically stimulated to improve learning. Use these simple exercises to help your students concentrate better and improve their learning abilities.

The use of colored pens to help the right brain remember patterns. Each time you use the pen it reinforces the learning process.

"A picture paints a thousand words" - Easy techniques to make quick sketches that will help any artistically challenged teacher - like myself! - use drawings on the board to encourage and stimulate class discussions.

Introduction and lesson plan to a "concert" using the suggestopedia approach to effective/affective learning.

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