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Find the Mistake - Past Simple or Present Perfect



  • Have you finished that job yet? I haven't seen the finished product.
  • Tom has worked in our company for 10 years. He started in 2000.
  • They lived in New York for 10 years before they moved in 1987.
  • I have seen that film three times in my life.
  • How long have you hadyour current car? When did you buy it?
  • She has known Tom for fifteen years. They met in Paris.
  • Jason has wanted to go to Disneyland since he was a child.
  • I went to San Francisco in 1993. I've been there a total of three times.
  • He has gone to lunch but should be back soon.
  • The criminals have committed three crimes. The committed the first crime at 10 o'clock last night.

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