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Learning English for the Advanced Level - ESL EFL Advanced English

Learning English for the Advanced level learning materials including grammar, listening, TOEFL and Cambridge Exam preparation materials, vocabulary, reading, listening comprehension, writing, reference, and quizzes, as well as free lesson plans for ESL EFL English teachers.
  1. Advanced Level Quizzes (57)
  2. Advanced Grammar (78)
  3. Advanced Vocabulary (89)
  4. Advanced Writing (48)
  5. Advanced Listening (7)
  6. Advanced Speaking Skills (42)
  7. Teaching Advanced Level (73)
  8. Advanced Reading Skills (47)
  9. English Learning Products (8)
  10. Test Preparation (16)

How to Study English Effectively
This short introduction to how to study English effectively provides helpful hints and exercises to help you study English well.

Learn English
Learn English at this site with resources including grammar explanations, vocabulary reference pages, quiz sheets, pronunciation help, and listening and reading comprehension strategies.

Begin a New ESL Class
Steps students should take before they begin a new ESL class to ensure they get the most out of class from the very beginning.

Free Daily Lesson
Each day there will be a new lesson for you to practice your English. Lessons are designed with popular topics including: real life, music, eavesdropping (gossip), slang and the movies. Lessons include an intro, listening comprehension, dialogue with idiomatic expressions explained, a discussion section, grammar point and follow-up quiz.

Back to School Advanced Level Resources
Getting ready to go back to school as a student or teacher can be as simple as reviewing what you've studied or taught, or as difficult as learning new skills to prepare you for a new class. This guide to back to school resources at the site for beginning, intermediate, advanced level and teachers will help you prepare for the new school year.

English Learning Forum
English Learning Forum examples of posts at esl.about.com.

Free E-mail Course: Intensive Grammar Workshop
If you would like to brush-up your English grammar knowledge, review outside of class or increase your English grammar skills this is the course for you. The course provides extensive instruction and practice taking learners from an intermediate level to an advanced level of English grammar.

Free E-mail Course: Improve Your Vocabulary
We all know grammar is important. However, without a large vocabulary it's difficult to express what you want. This course is dedicated to helping expand your vocabulary. You will receive an e-mail each week with a new vocabulary lesson.

How to Take a Test
Helpful guide to understanding "how" to take a test, as knowing English well is not the only thing necessary to do well on a test.

English Grammar Quick Review: Tenses
This grammar reference section provides a quick review and explanation of tenses used in English. The feature is divided into sections on present, past and future tenses including tense usage instructions, example sentences and hints.

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