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Advanced Level Sentence Transformations

Sentence Transformations Quiz 1


Sentence transformation exercises help you expand your usage skills through testing various ways of stating the same idea. For example, the sentence 'I've lived here since 2002.' can also be expressed: 'I moved here in 2002'. Complete the following sentences so that they mean the same as the original sentence. Answers can be checked on the following page.

The ability to rewrite sentences so that they have the same meaning as the original is often required for many English ESL EFL Exams such as Cambridge's First Certificate, CAE and Proficiency. This skill can also help you prepare for the TOEFL examination (Test of English as a Foreign Language). It is also an important skill which can help you improve your understanding of similar English expressions and vocabulary.

Sentence Transformation Quiz

This will be my student's first performance in Canada.
This will be the first time ____________

This course will take us six months to complete.
In six months time ____________

There will be someone to meet you on arrival.
When ____________

The number of people who understand his ideas exceed his expectations.
More people ____________

The money didn't arrive for a month.
It was ____________

The last time I saw him was in 2001.
I haven't ____________

She'll have to make her presentation at the end of his speech.
The moment he ____________

Sharon will finish her exams. Then she will have more free time.
Once ____________

Quite a few DVDs are missing from the shelves.
Several people ____________

Peter wasn't always so moody.
Peter didn't ____________

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