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Creating a Multimedia Presentation as an ESL Project


By Marko Bankovic


Students are used to multimedia in EFL class. But, in most cases they are only the consumers and very rarely are they the creators. The following article deals with an attempt to use students' creative skills as a way to learn English by organizing a whole year class project of making a multimedia presentation. This projects helps EFL students (who do not have a lot of opportunities to use English outside the school) to practice English with a purpose and allows them to create a relationship with the language on a personal level. This project is created for younger students who are beginners, but it can be adapted for older students as well (of course, the subjects as well as the organization of the presentation should be modified). The following paragraphs give an outline of what the presentation could look like, provides the instructions on how to make it and considers the benefits of making such a presentation in EFL class.

The Presentation The Roles of the Teacher and Students

It should be understood at the very beginning that students should be the authors of the presentation. That implies that the teacher must allow them to make free choices concerning the design of the presentation and its contents. The role of the teacher should be the one of organizer - he / she should be the one who instructs the students what to do and then intervenes only if necessary. However, the teacher must have a clear idea what the final outcome will look like and what purpose it will serve to.

Introduction to Creating a Multimedia Presentation as an ESL Project
Example of an ESL Multimedia Project
Choosing Materials
Step by Step How to Make a Presentation
Benefits to your ESL Class

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