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ABCs pronunciation guide


Learning the ABCs is one of the first tasks in any English class. This simple guide provides examples to help English learners improve their pronunciation of each letter of the alphabet.

Click here for sound. Read and listen to the list as many times as you want and then try to read the list by yourself.

  • A as in "apple"
  • B as in "boy"
  • C as in "car"
  • D as in "dog"
  • E as in "ear"
  • F as in "flag"
  • G as in "great"
  • H as in "house"
  • I as in "insect"
  • J as in "joy"
  • K as in "kind"
  • L as in "light"
  • M as in "magic"
  • N as in "night"
  • O as in "orchestra"
  • P as in "people"
  • Q as in "question"
  • R as in "red"
  • S as in "sure"
  • T as in "truck"
  • U as in "unique"
  • V as in "video"
  • W as in "wow"
  • X as in "xerox"
  • Y as in "yes"
  • Z as in "zebra"

You can also learn the ABCs with this ABC song.

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