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Beginner Dialogues - Introducing Yourself


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Use this role play to practice introducing yourself. Study the verb "to be" with questions such as "Where are you from?, What's your name? Are you American? etc." to help continue the conversation with your partner.

  1. Hello. My name's Peter. What's your name?
  2. Janet.
  1. Where are you from Janet?
  2. I'm from Seattle. Where are you from?
  1. I'm from Madrid.
  2. Are you American?
  1. Yes, I am. Are you Spanish?
  2. Yes I am.

Key Vocabulary

My name is...
What's (is) your name ...
Where are you from?
I'm from... Are you (Spanish, American, German, etc.)

Hello and Goodbye - Three Short Conversations


  1. Hello, Peter. How are you?
  2. Fine, thanks. How are you?
  1. I'm fine, thank you.


  1. Goodbye, Janet. See you tomorrow!
  2. Bye bye, Peter. Have a nice evening.
  1. Thanks, you too!
  2. Thanks.
Key Vocabulary

Hello... How are you?
I'm fine, - OK, - well, thank you
Goodbye, - bye bye
See you tomorrow
Have a nice evening, - day

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