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Beginner Dialogue: A New Office


Speaking about objects in your office means that you'll need to understand the use of 'there is' and 'there are', as well as 'that', 'those', 'this' and 'these', as well as 'any' or 'some' for asking and answering questions about those objects. You'll also practice using prepositions of place to describe where the objects in your office are located. Practice the dialogue with your partner and then continue discussing your own office or school.

A New Office

(In an office)

Jennifer: (speaking to Bob who is outside the office) Hi Bob, come in. This is my new office!
Bob: Wow, it's great. There's so much furniture. A sofa, armchair ...

Jennifer: How about my desk. Isn't it beautiful?
Bob: Yes, look at that. Is that a new computer?

Jennifer: Yes, it is. The latest model!
Bob: ... but there aren't any windows in here.

Jennifer: No, no, there are some windows. They're over there.
Bob: Is that New Times magazine on your desk?

Jennifer: Yes, it is. There are some more copies in the cupboard.
Bob: It's a great magazine. I love it.

Jennifer: Yes, lots of good information. Would you like a cup of coffee?
Bob: Sure, is there a coffee maker here, too?

Jennifer: Yes, there is. There's everything in THIS office.
Bob: You're lucky!

Jennifer: Yes, I am. You're welcome anytime, now let's make that coffee...

Check your understanding with this multiple choice comprehension quiz.

More Dialogue Practice - Includes level and target structures / language functions for each dialogue.

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