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Beginner Dialogue: Weekend Sports


Practice speaking about what you can and can't do in this dialogue, as well as speaking about daily routines. Notice that the present simple is used to speak about daily routines. Once you've practiced this conversation, practice further conversations with your friends or classmates using sports vocabulary.

Weekend Sports

(in the restaurant, two friends speaking)

Susan: Oh, this is lovely. Would you like to try some?
Christine: No thanks, Susan. I'm really enjoying my pasta!

Susan: So, do you want to play tennis this weekend?
Christine: I'm afraid I can't play tennis.

Susan: NO, are you joking? I'm sure you can play tennis. EVERYBODY can play tennis.
Christine: Well, I can't. BUT I can play golf.

Susan: Really, I can play golf, too. - but not very well.
Christine: I have an idea. Why don't we play tennis this weekend and then next weekend golf?

Susan: OK, that's a good idea. You don't play tennis - I don't play golf. We both can learn a new sport!
Christine: That's it. I think it's a brilliant idea!

Susan: Now, tell me about your new job. When do you start?
Christine: Next week. I'm in the accounting department. I make telephone calls to the banks, check the accounts, keep records... that sort of thing.

Susan: It sounds like an excellent job.
Christine: How is your job?

Susan: Oh, it's OK. It's boring. I work at the computer all day long, each and every day at the computer.
Christine: I'm sure it isn't so bad!

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