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Lesson Plans for Speaking and Conversation for ESL / EFL Classes

Free English conversation lesson plans for beginning, intermediate and advanced level of English learning in ESL EFL classes as well as business English classes. Each lesson provides an introduction, step by step teaching guidelines and printable student worksheets.

Using Flickr for English Language Classes
Lesson plan focusing on using resources from Flickr under the Creative Commons license to create oral practice lesson resources.

Your Zodiac Sign - Lesson Plan
Use this zodiac sign lesson plan in your class to ask students to match their personality traits to their signs. There are two handouts containing a short zodiac description for each sign.

A Difficult Situation: Using Modal Verbs of Probabilty in the Past
A difficult problem is presented and students talk about the problem and offer suggestions for a possible solution to the problem. While the focus is on the past forms of modal verbs of probability and advice (i.e., must have been, should have done, etc.), it also serves as a great starting point for a discussion of issues that are sure to be hotly debated.

Aesop's Fables - The Ass and his Purchaser
Lesson Plan based on The Ass and his Purchaser including vocabulary and key phrase explanations and follow-up questions.

Asking Questions
Lower-intermediate lesson aimed at improving students question asking ability in a variety of basic tenses.

Best Friend - Friend from Hell
What makes a good friend? What makes a friend from hell? Have students discuss these important questions while expressing opinions and reported speech using descriptive adjectives and phrases.

Conversation Lesson: Multinationals - Help or Hindrance?
A great conversation lesson that has a lot of success around the world. Students need to discuss whether multinationals are a bane or a boon to local cultures.

Creating a New Society
A classic conversation lesson piece, this lesson focuses on having students discuss which laws they would choose when creating a new society. This lesson is a guaranteed discussion generator!

Debate 1: Multinationals - Help or Hindrance?
Try this debate with your class having students take viewpoints opposing what they really believe. Focus on developing conversational skills for presenting points of view.

Debate 2: First World Obligation
Try this debate with your class having students take viewpoints opposing what they really believe. Focus on the First World's obligation to help developing or Third World countries.

Debate 3: Is Grammar Necessary?
Try this debate with your class having students take viewpoints opposing what they really believe. Focus on the question of what is truly necessary for effective English learning.

Debate 4: Men and Women - Equal at Last?
Have women achieved equality with men at last? This debate is sure to get students expressing quite a number of differing opinions.

Debate 5: Violence in the Media Needs to be Regulated
Have the media gone to far in their constant portrayal of violence, or are they just reflecting the everyday reality of modern life? This debate can also lead to discussions about what is meant by 'Free Speech'.

Debate 6: Internet Craze
Will the Internet really change the way we live and work? Or is the Internet just a passing fad and simply a new form of communicating? Have your students discuss this hot topic and find out what they think.

ESL Tic-Tac-Toe
Tic-Tac-Toe games are a fun way for students to practise their English while enjoying some competition and reviewing. Three versions are included: Conditional Forms, Question Forms, Time Expressions.

Getting to Know your Classmates - Advanced
The following conversation exercise serves the double purpose of introducing students to each other and getting them to converse from the get-go, as well as reviewing the a number of more advanced structures that they will be working on during your course. This spoken exercise can also work well as a means of review. For advanced learners.

Getting to Know your Classmates - Lower-Intermediate
The following conversation exercise serves the double purpose of introducing students to each other and getting them to converse from the get-go, as well as reviewing the basic tense structures that they will be working on during your course. This spoken exercise can also work well as a means of review. For lower-intermediate or false beginners.

Interpreting Statistics - Advanced Level Lesson Plan
This upper level conversation lesson uses statistics as a starting point for students to interpret information and draw their own conclusions. This lesson is especially useful to encourage students to not only repeat information they read, but develop their own opinions.

Lesson: Guilty!
"Guilty" is a fun classroom game which encourages students to communicate using past tenses. The game can be played by all levels and can be monitored for varying degrees of accuracy.

Lesson: Lego Blocks
Groups decide upon a design, give it a description (a name), and then write down step-by-step instructions for how another group could construct the same design from the six pieces. This activity promotes an enormous amount of discussion within the groups during the instruction-writing phase.

Lesson: Teen Advice
Students read about various teen problems and then use modal verbs of deduction to understand the problem in groups. Students follow-up by offering advice on what should be done to resolve the various problems.

Let's Do Tourism -Part 1
Tourism is becoming more and more important - especially for those learning English. Here is a two part lesson which focuses on the question of developing tourism as an industry in your local town. Students need to develop concepts, discuss local economic problems and solutions to those problems, think about possible negative impacts and finally make a presentation.

Let's Do Tourism -Part 2
From Part 2: "You are representatives of rival companies who are looking to gain the contract for this re-development from the council. I want you to give a detailed presentation explaining why your company is the best one for the job. Your aim is to convince the representative of the council that your company offers the best solution."

Life Then - Life Now
Getting students to talk about the differences between the past and present is a great way to get students using a variety of tenses and cementing their understanding of the differences and time relationships between the past simple, present perfect (continuous) and present simple tenses.

Movies, Films, Actors and Actresses
This subject is especially useful with younger students who might be hesitant to speak about their own lives. Speaking about films provides an almost endless font of possibilities for conversation.

Music: True or False
Getting teenage students to converse in English can be frustrating. This lesson uses a fun, competitive "true or false" game to encourage discussion.

Political Nightmares - Interviewing
An entertaining and challenging lesson which puts students into the position of having to defend poorly phrased statements made by various politicians. Students take either the role of a politician defending what he has said or a journalist trying to catch the politician out. Great stuff!

Quiz Lesson
People learn English for many reasons. Unfortunately, learners often think that there is only one way to learn English and that the same things are important for everyone. Students who are aware of why they are learning English can also be persuaded that different things are important for different learners. This lesson uses a quiz first and helps identify learner types.

Reported Speech: Developing Production Skills
Upper-intermediate part grammar, part speaking lesson focusing on helping students to actively use reported speech.

Reports: Using a Word Processing Program in Class
While not strictly a speaking lesson, this lesson plan improves speaking ability through the teamwork aspect of developing a class writing project over a period of time.

Small Talk Conversation Lesson Plan
Small talk conversation lesson plan helping ESL English learners improve their small talk skills.

This plan for young learners, also works well in adult classrooms. The lesson focuses on recognizing that stereotypes do contain some truth, but also can not be applied across the board, is central to this lesson. The lesson also helps them improve their descriptive adjective vocabulary while they discuss perceived differences between nations through stereotypes.

Telephone English: Getting Practice
Teaching telephone English can be frustrating as students really need to practice their skill as often as possible in order to improve their comprehension skills. This lesson focuses on making telephoning practice as "authentic" as possible.

Telling True Stories
Telling true stories is a basic English usage task that we use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, students sometimes get caught up in trying too hard to speak English 'correctly' and can get lost. This at the cost of the story becoming difficult to understand or even incoherent. This lesson plan is aimed at helping students give structure to their relating of true stories.

Video Games - Young Learners Lesson Plan
If there is one thing that young English learners and ESL classes have in common around the world, it's their passion for playing video games. Taking cue from this passion for video games, this lesson is devoted to getting them to talk about video games - but in English!

Why do People Do What They Do?
Advanced level lesson focusing on providing explanations for certain human behavior through the use of student generated surveys.

Working Collaboratively in the College EFL Classroom
Guest Lesson Plan by John Baker: The lesson focuses on a story about a medical student who was badly injured in a car accident when a drunken driver hit her. During the lesson, students work collaboratively in the pre and while reading stages focusing on comprehension activities surrounding the text.

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