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English Vocabulary Builder - Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced

English Vocabulary Building help for ESL EFL students, classes and teachers including learning lists, professional English, slang, jargon with quizzes, worksheets and lesson plans.
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  2. Vocabulary - Advanced (131)
  3. Vocabulary - Intermediate (155)
  4. Vocabulary Reference (67)
  5. Vocabulary Lesson Plans (22)
  6. Idioms (506)
  7. Business Vocabulary (23)
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  9. Learning Techniques (18)
  10. Phrasal Verbs Defined (14)

Collocation Examples
Collocation examples from a wide range of topics illustrate how important learning words that go together can be. It's a good idea to learn collocations based on a topic, or by verb, etc. This guide to collocation examples will help point the way.

English Verb Resources
Here is a guide to the extensive English verb resources at the site. Resources include information on verb conjugation, auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, verb patterns and more.

Free E-mail Course: Improve Your Vocabulary
We all know grammar is important. However, without a large vocabulary it's difficult to express what you want. This course is dedicated to helping expand your vocabulary. You will receive an e-mail each week with a new vocabulary lesson.

Vocabulary Learning Resources
The most popular English vocabulary learning features on esl.about.com for use in ESL and EFL classes.

Idiom and Expression Resources
Idiom learning and teaching resources including quizzes, reference sheets, idiom themes for the ESL classroom.

1000 Most Commonly Used Words in English
A list of the 1000 words most often used in the English language. If you can learn these words and when to use them, you will have a good vocabulary foundation for the future.

Basics - 850 Words For Conversational Fluency
From a list of 850 words that was devised to help students converse fluently in English quickly. This first list focuses on basic verbs, prepositions, pronouns, etc.

Phrasal Verbs
This guide to phrasal verbs provides a description of phrasal verbs and resources that include quizzes, reference lists, phrasal verb vocabulary building exercises and lesson plans.

Commonly Confused Words
This list of word pairs focuses on similar word pairs that are commonly confused by ESL learners. Each word pair provides an explaination and examples providing context for each word.

English Learner Dictionaries
Top Recommendations for English Learner dictionaries for English as a Second Language learners and classes for both American English and British English.

Lesson: Vocabulary Charts
Help students improve their "long term" memorization of new vocabulary through the use of vocabulary charts.

VOA Special English Dictionary
This Special English Dictionary contains about 1,500 words and makes an excellent vocabulary goal for intermediate level learners. Each word contains the correct pronunciation on an audio file.

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