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Top 11 Vocabulary Learning Resources


Here are the most popular English vocabulary resources on the site. These vocabulary resources provide comprehensive instruction and review for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners.

1. Key Words List

Here are pages with a list of 850 words developed by Charles K. Ogden, and released in 1930 with the book: Basic English: A General Introduction with Rules and Grammar. These pages are an excellent starting point for building up a vocabulary which allows you to converse fluently in English.

2. Financial Terminology Quiz

This 30 question quiz focuses on key financial terms and provides feedback and scoring.

3. British to American / American to British - Vocabulary Converter

This popular tool provides the American English version for British English terms and vice-versa. You can use this page for reference, or as a fun quiz tool.

Once you understand these differences, you might also enjoy this quiz testing your knowledge of the differences between American and British English.

4. Building Phrasal Verb Vocabulary

This exercise consists of audio excerpts with sentences using target phrasal verbs, matching definition exercise and sentence use.

These quizzes focus on common phrasal verb combinations:

Phrasal Verbs with Turn
Phrasal Verbs with Take
Phrasal Verbs with Bring
Phrasal Verbs with Put
Phrasal Verbs with Look

5. Visual Dictionaries

These visual dictionaries provide images and vocabulary related to different subject areas. Each entry includes example sentences to provide context.


6. Collocations

Collocations include specific verbs combinations. Here are common words and expressions that go with verbs:

Do, make
Catch, Pay, Keep
Come, Get, Feel
Miss, Get, Do, Make
Save, Find, Go
Take, Have, Break

7. Expressing Numbers in English

Guide to expressing numbers in English for ESL classes giving detailed explanation about expressing numbers in both British and American English.

8. Action Idioms Quiz

Each of the action verbs are used in a variety of contexts providing understanding through context.

9. Useful Business English Phrases

These phrases are used to conduct and participate in business meetings. Phrases are grouped by purpose, and a number of similar phrases are given for each part of typical meetings.

10. Do, Play or Go with Sports

Decide between "do", "go" or "play". Sometimes the verb needs to be conjugated or put in the infinitive or gerund form.

11. English Word of the Day Newsletter

Take a daily English course by subscribing to English Word of the Day which provides a new English word with related topics every day. Each day you will receive an important vocabulary word with definition, pronunciation file and example sentences. The newsletter also provides links to a quiz of the day and a worksheet of the day to help you practice your English. The vocabulary, quiz and worksheet start off easy with intermediate level vocabulary. As the months go by, you'll improve your level to advanced vocabulary and grammar.
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