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English for Business, Work and other Specific Purposes

Adult Education English for specific purposes including Business, commercial, financial, legal, insurance and human resources sectors as well as help with resumes, job interviews and cover letters.
  1. Business English Writing (38)
  2. Business Speaking Skills (32)
  3. Business English Vocabulary (41)
  4. Business English Lessons (30)
  5. Business Listening (8)
  6. Business English Dialogues (39)
  7. Business Reading (39)
  8. English for Medical Purpose (13)
  9. Business Meetings (9)
  10. Job Interviewing (10)
  11. Teaching English for Specific Purposes (9)

Business Writing Resources
Business English writing resources for English learners include standard business letter formating and examples, common business documents and essential job application cover letter and resume examples.

English for Information Technology
Overview of information technology jobs and requirements related to English usage for specific tasks in information technology jobs for computer specialists.

Learn English
Learn English at this site with resources including grammar explanations, vocabulary reference pages, quiz sheets, pronunciation help, and listening and reading comprehension strategies.

Global English
An introduction to the idea of Global English

Business English Level Test
Take this 100 question test to discover your business English level. This quiz focuses on English as it is used in the workplace, testing common business phrases and typical workplace vocabulary. At the end of the test, you will be given your appropriate business English level.

How large is the ESL market?
A quick overview of the value of the English learning market globally

Business English Reference
Top business English books for English as special purposes learners and teachers. These books can help you improve your English for specific business situations.

Basic Business Letters
A guide to the basics of writing business letters including common salutations, requests and an example letter. By your About.com ESL guide.

Better Business English: A Proposal
A look at and proposal for how to make English communication between native and non-native speakers more productive and less costly. By your About.com guide to ESL.

General Business English Attitudes Overview
Participating effectively in a Business English environment not only requires a solid grasp of English grammar, but also an understanding of key communication factors. This feature focuses on key points to take into consideration each time you are using English. The following sections also give helpful language hints as to the most appropriate...

English as a Second language search engine and directory. The site provides thousands of free ESL / EFL and business English resources using a helpful directory of resources.

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