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English Lesson Plans for ESL EFL Classes

English lesson plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels including reading, writing, listening, grammar, speaking, pronunciation for adult and childrens' classes as well as Business English.
  1. Beginner Lesson Plans (24)
  2. Intermediate Lesson Plans (96)
  3. Printable Quizzes for Class (169)
  4. Advanced Lesson Plans (69)
  5. Multiple Intelligences (11)
  6. Grammar Lessons (83)
  7. Listening Lesson Plans (12)
  8. Pronunciation Lesson Plans (17)
  9. Grammar Chants (12)
  10. Writing Lesson Plans (42)
  11. Reading Lesson Plans (19)
  12. Vocabulary Lesson Plans (37)
  13. Conversation Lesson Plans (75)
  14. Children's Lesson Plans (32)

English Language Levels - Rubric to ESL Levels
This rubric provides English language level guidelines and expectations for learners at four different levels. Speaking and pronunciation, reading, writing and listening skills and capabilities are described in detail for each of these levels to help teachers and learners establish the correct English learning level either before a course...

ESL Printables
ESL printables materials for the English learning classroom which can be printed and used in ESL EFL lessons.

ESL Debate Lessons
This lesson plan is based on the idea that having students support opinions that are not necessarily their own during debates can help improve students fluency. In this manner, students pragmatically focus on correct production skills in conversation rather than striving to "win" the argument. For more information on this approach please see the following feature: Teaching Conversational Skills: …

Top ESL Conversation Lessons Plans
These popular free lesson plans focus on building conversational skills in ESL / EFL Classes. These lessons are for use in class with beginner to advanced level classes. Each lesson includes a short overview, lesson objectives and outline and copyable materials for in-class use.

Lesson Plans
The most popular English learning lesson plans on esl.about.com for use in ESL and EFL classes. Lessons include activities and printable worksheets, as well as step by step instructions.

Teaching Absolute Beginners - 20 Point Program
Teaching absolute beginners is different from teaching false beginners. Absolute beginners have little to no experience with English, and must be taught with an extra dose of patience and careful attention to how language is introduced.

Student Correction - When and How?
A discussion of when and how to correct students in English learning classes, especially ESL and EFL classes. After a short look at current techniques, the article ends with suggestions as to when and how it is appropriate to correct, while not curbing students' enthusiasm.

Basic English Curriculum for Teaching
This basic English curriculum can be used for lower level ESL classes. It includes all important grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking objectives that should be covered in a ESL course.

Intermediate Level Syllabus
This syllabus provides a general outline proposal for creating courses for intermediate level students. This syllabus can be easily adapted for individual classes while retaining an overall structure aimed at helping students acquire the language they need to communicate.

Free Teaching ESL / EFL Course
This course introduces and discusses the most important aspects of teaching: basic theory, job opportunities, teaching speaking, grammar, listening, reading and writing skills, how to assess student needs, develop a syllabus, and hints and tricks for a more enjoyable teaching environment. During the course ready to go lesson plans will be provided to help you implement the techniques discussed.

Free Daily Lesson
Each day there will be a new lesson for you to practice your English. Lessons are designed with popular topics including: real life, music, eavesdropping (gossip), slang and the movies. Lessons include an intro, listening comprehension, dialogue with idiomatic expressions explained, a discussion section, grammar point and follow-up quiz.

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