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Answers: Compound Sentence Worksheet


There are other variations that are possible than those provided in the answers. Ask your teacher for other ways to connect these to write complex sentences.

  • As Henry needs to learn English, I will teach him.
  • We went for a walk even though it was raining.
  • If Jenny asks me, I will buy it for her.
  • Yvonne played golf extremely well when she was young.
  • Because Franklin wants to get a new job, he is preparing for job interviews.
  • Unless his wife doesn't like the house, Marvin will buy it.
  • After Cindy and David had eaten breakfast, they left for work.
  • I really enjoyed the concert although the music was too loud.
  • As Alexander has an important presentation next week, he has been working sixty hours a week.
  • I usually work out at the gym before I leave for work at eight.
  • Though Bob didn't have much money, he bought the extremely expensive car.
  • If Doug visits, they go to the cinema.
  • Since it allows me to watch what I want when I want, I prefer to watch TV by streaming over the internet.
  • If it rains a lot, I put the chairs on the patio in the garage.
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