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Online English Teaching Certification

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The Bottom Line

The i-to-i Online TEFL Course is top notch and delivers everything a new teacher of EFL or ESL needs to know. It's ideal for those who have not studied education, but want to teach English abroad. Tutoring is provided so your work is monitored. Most importantly, the course provides a wealth of examples, activities, and exercises that can be used in your English classes.


  • Covers all necessary basics for teaching English
  • Provides excellent practice exercises with plenty of examples
  • Deals with key issues effectively
  • Provides a wide range of activities and resources you can use in class
  • Reviews basic grammar to help new teachers brush-up grammar concepts


  • Online version of certificate provides no possibility for in-class practice
  • Resources for getting a job limited


  • Provides information on student motivation and what makes a successful language teacher.
  • Provides a useful overview of teaching techniques.
  • Excellent grammar review module for those of use who need to brush up our grammar skills.
  • Each course is tutored so there is plenty of feedback on assignments.
  • Many examples provided including lesson plan outlines.

Guide Review - Online English Teaching Certification

The i-to-i Online TEFL Course provides a certificate (40 hours of study) as well as a diploma (60 hours of study). I had the chance to review the 10 module certificate course and was very impressed. The course takes the new teacher through all the important issues: student and teacher motivation, different EFL methodologies, how to teach grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, and speaking. Most importantly, each module is accompanied by a wealth of examples, opportunities to practice, and no-nonsense examples of what to use in class. A quick example: which popular songs are good for teaching a particular grammar point.

This course is ideal for those who haven't studied education, but would like to teach abroad. It has an excellent module that helps you review all your basic grammar skills - to help you remember what we call the various tenses, phrases, etc.

I was particularly impressed with how the issue of understanding students was addressed. The first module begins with student motivation and each module continues to build on helping students become competent using English.

The only disappointment was the last module. I expected to find extensive resources on finding work as a teacher, but only found a basic outline on general issues.

Finally, Online TEFL also offers a combined 80-hr Weekend & Online TEFL Diploma which includes an interactive weekend course in various cities around the world.

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OnlineTEFL.com Certificates Are A Worthless Scam!, Member GaryTheGrinch

Would you pay money to attend a university if no employer recognized their diploma? Well the situation is exactly the same with OnlineTefl.com fraudulent certificates which have zero accreditation and are not recognized in Asia and most of Europe. From what I can see they are only accepted in the U.K. some Eastern European countries and Central America. But when I spoke with their sales rep before I enrolled seven months ago, I was emphatically told that without a TEFL certificate I could not possibly get employed as an English teacher in China, Korea, nor Japan. I was just told by five different employers in those countries that are interviewing me that ""TEFL certificates are not required"". Draw your own conclusions.

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