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Quick Lessons - Short Speaking Activities


Please share your own quick exercises with other teachers by clicking on the "Readers Repond" link at the bottom of this page. The more activities we share, the more we will all be armed and ready at a moment's notice!

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Here are some conversation activities that can be used to break the ice or keep the conversation flowing:

Student Interviews

Purpose: Introducing Students to Each Other / Expressing Opinions

Choose a topic that you feel will interest the students. Ask students to write five or more questions about this topic (students can also come up with the questions in small groups). Once they have finished the questions, they should interview at least two other students in the class and take notes on their answers. When the students have finished the activity, ask students to summarize what they have found out from the students they have interviewed.

This exercise is very flexible. Beginning students can ask each other when they do their various daily tasks, advanced students can make up questions concerning politics or other hot topics.

Who Wants a...?

Purpose: Convincing

Tell students that you are going to give them a present. However, only one student will receive the present. In order to receive this present, the student must convince you through his / her fluency and imagination that he or she deserves the present. It's best to use a wide range of imaginary presents as some students will obviously be more attracted to certain types of presents than others.


A computer
A gift certificate for $200 at a fashionable store
A bottle of expensive wine
A new car

Describing Your Best Friend

Purpose: Descriptive Adjective Use

Write a list of descriptive adjectives on the board. It's best if you include both positive and negative characteristics. Ask students to choose the two positive and two negative adjectives that best describe their best friends and explain to the class while they chose those adjectives.


Have students describe each other!

Three Picture Story

Purpose: Descriptive Language / Reasoning

Choose three pictures from a magazine. The first picture should be of people that are in some sort of relationship. The other two pictures should be of objects. Have students get into groups of three or four students to a group. Show the class the first picture and ask them to discuss the relationship of the people in the picture. Show them the second picture and tell them that the object is something that is important to the people in the first picture. Ask students to discuss why they think that object is important to the people. Show them the third picture and tell them that this object is something that the people in the first picture really don't like. Ask them to once again discuss the reasons why. After you have finished the activity, have the class compare the various stories that they came up with in their groups.

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