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Expressing Quantity


Expressing Quantity

Much / Many

'Much' and 'Many' are used in negative sentences and questions. 'Much' is used with uncountable nouns such as 'rice':

How much money have you got?
There isn't much rice left.

'Many' is used for countable nouns such as 'apples':

How many people came to the party?
There aren't many apples on the table.

A Lot Of / Lots Of

'A lot of' and 'lots of' can be used with both count and uncountable nouns. 'A lot of' and 'lots of' are used in positive sentences:

There is a lot of water in that jar.
He's got lots of friends in London.

(A) Little / (A) Few

'A little' and 'a few' indicate a quantity or number. Use 'a little' with uncountable nouns:

There is a little wine in that bottle. There is a little sugar in my coffee.

Use 'a few' with countable nouns.

He has a few friends in New York.
We bought a few sandwiches on our way to the park.

'Little' and 'few' indicate a limited quantity. Use 'little' with uncountable nouns:

I have little money to spend.
She found little time for work.

Use 'few' with countable nouns:

He has few students in his class. Jack finds few reasons to stay.

Test your knowledge with this 20 question quiz on expressing quantity.

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