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Common Adjective Collocations


A collocation is a word pair, in this case adjective and noun, that always goes together. There are no specific rules for these collocations, however, it is important to learn some of the standard collocations. Here is a guide to collocations with deep, heavy, high (low) and strong.

Once you have studied these expressions, try the intensifying adjectives quiz to test your knowledge.

Deep deep depression
deep devotion
a deep feeling

deep pockets
deep sleep
in deep thought
in deep trouble


a heavy drinker
heavy rain
a heavy sleeper

a heavy smoker
heavy snow
heavy traffic

High - Low. Notice that a number of nouns (but not all) which take 'high' also take 'low'.

high - or low - cost
high - or low - density
high - or low - energy
high - or low - esteem
a high - or low - expectation (of)
a high - or low - level (of)

a high - or low - opinion (of someone or something)
high - or low - pressure
a - or low - high price
high quality
high speed


strong criticism
strong denial
a strong feeling
a strong opinion (about something)

a strong sense (of)
a strong smell
a strong taste

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