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Irregular Verbs - Example Sentences in All Tenses


Learning regular verbs is easy. Just add '-ed' for both the past simple and perfect tenses. Irregular verbs, on the other hand, need to be studied individually. These example sentences in all tenses will help students learn irregular verb forms in context. Click on one of the irregular verbs listed below for example sentences of irregular verbs in all tenses including active and passive forms, as well as conditional and modal forms. To help you choose the verb you need, each verb includes an example of irregular verb usage to get you started.

be - Tom was in New York yesterday.
beat - We beat the home team yesterday.
become - Jason has become an excellent doctor.
begin - They haven't begun the play yet.
bend - He bent the branch until it broke.
break - My boy has broken three windows this week!
buy - Janice bought a new watch last week.
- Have you caught the flu?
come - We came home earlier yesterday.
cut - How pieces have you cut?
draw - She drew a beautiful picture in class.
drink - I was so thirsty I drank two bottles of water.
drive - Have you ever driven across the US?
eat - We ate lunch early today.
find - Have you found him yet?
fly - Cheryl flew to Brazil last month.
forget - Have you forgotten (forgot - UK) you had an appointment?
give - They gave us an early appointment.
go - Have you ever gone on vacation alone?
grow - She grew up very poor.
have - I had some toast for breakfast.
hit - He's hit me three times!
hold - She held on tightly and entered the tunnel.
keep - Have you kept your word to Peter?
know - I knew that once ...
learn - Have you learnt (learned) anything yet?
leave - We left the book at home.
lose - I lost my watch yesterday.
make - I made the bed before I left.
meet - Have you met Jack?
pay - He paid by credit card.
put - She put on a CD and relaxed for the afternoon.
ride - Mary rode the bus to work.
run - I ran four miles yesterday.
see - Have you seen Angie yet?

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