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Example Sentences of the Verb Drink


This page provides example sentences of the verb "Drink" in all tenses including active and passive forms, as well as conditional and modal forms.

Base Form drink / Past Simple drank / Past Participle drunk / Gerund drinking

Present Simple

He usually drinks four glasses of water a day.

Present Simple Passive

Water is drunk at meals.

Present Continuous

She is drinking a gin and tonic.

Present Continuous Passive

The new wine is being drunk by customers.

Present Perfect

Peter has drunk three glasses of water this afternoon.

Present Perfect Passive

All the juice has been drunk.

Present Perfect Continuous

I have been drinking juice all morning.

Past Simple

Jack drank a glass of apple juice.

Past Simple Passive

A glass of apple juice was drunk by that customer.

Past Continuous

She was drinking some water when the man bumped into her.

Past Continuous Passive

Water was being drunk when they opened the wine.

Past Perfect

We had drunk all the water before the order arrived.

Past Perfect Passive

All the water had been drunk before the order arrived.

Past Perfect Continuous

We had been drinking our beverages for ten minutes when he finally arrived.

Future (will)

She will drink orange juice.

Future (will) passive

Wine will be drunk by the customers at table six.

Future (going to)

We are going to drink French wine with our meal.

Future (going to) passive

French wine is going to be drunk by the customers at table six.

Future Continuous

This time tomorrow we will be drinking a nice cold cocktail.

Future Perfect

He will have drunk three bottles by the end of the evening.

Future Possibility

He might drink juice.

Real Conditional

If he drinks wine, I will drive home.

Unreal Conditional

If he drank wine, I would drive home.

Past Unreal Conditional

If he had drunk wine, I would have driven home.

Present Modal

I should drink some tea.

Past Modal

You should have drunk some milk to calm your stomach.

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