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Example Sentences of the Verb Drive


This page provides example sentences of the verb "Drive" in all tenses including active and passive forms, as well as conditional and modal forms.

Base Form drive / Past Simple drove / Past Participle driven / Gerund driving

Present Simple

I usually drive to work.

Present Simple Passive

That car is driven by the boss.

Present Continuous

He is driving to the meeting this afternoon.

Present Continuous Passive

That car is being driven this afternoon.

Present Perfect

He has already driven into town.

Present Perfect Passive

That car has been driven by a number of employees.

Present Perfect Continuous

He has been driving for the past three hours.

Past Simple

Anna drove to San Francisco yesterday.

Past Simple Passive

The blue Ford was driven by Andy.

Past Continuous

I was driving down the freeway when my cell phone rang.

Past Continuous Passive

The sports car was being driven by Robert.

Past Perfect

He had already driven to work when she telephoned.

Past Perfect Passive

The winning car had been driven by a number of champions before it was retired.

Past Perfect Continuous

They had been driving for four hours when they decided to stop for a rest.

Future (will)

I think I will drive to the city tomorrow.

Future (will) passive

That car will be driven by Andy.

Future (going to)

Peter is going to drive the red Ford.

Future (going to) passive

The red Ford is going to be driven by Peter.

Future Continuous

We will be driving down the highway this time tomorrow.

Future Perfect

He will have driven 200 miles by the end of the day.

Future Possibility

She might drive the Mercedes.

Real Conditional

If she drives into town, we will meet Tom for lunch.

Unreal Conditional

If she drove into town, we would meet Tom for lunch.

Past Unreal Conditional

If she had driven into town, we would have met Tom for lunch.

Present Modal

I can drive you if you want.

Past Modal

He must have driven the BMW.

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