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Visual Explanations of Each English Tense


These visual explanations of each English tense provide visual clues for all major tenses of English. Each tense has a dedicated visual clue card with an explanatory sentence. These tense charts help learners use visual intelligence to understand key tense concepts. Basic tense usage and sentence construction is provided following each visual tense chart.

For an overview of conjugation of in detail of these tenses, use the tense tables for reference. Teachers can use theses guides on how to teach tenses for further activities and lesson plans in class

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Present SimplePresent Continuous for Action at the MomentPresent Continuous for Current ProjectsPresent Continuous for Scheduled Events
Past SimplePast Continuous for Exact Times in the PastPast Continuous for Interrupted ActionFuture with Going to for Future Plans
Future with Will for Promises and PredictionsFuture with Going to for Future IntentPresent Perfect for Past to Present States and ActionsPresent Perfect to Express Recent Events
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