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Present Perfect Continuous

Structure and Usage


Present Perfect Continuous
The present perfect continuous is used to express how long a current activity has been going on. It is often used in context to provide a reason for a present result. Remember that continuous forms can only be used with action verbs.

This tense is often used with the following time expressions:

...since + specific point in time
... for + amount of time

Basic Construction


Subject + has / have + been + verb + ing + object(s) + time Expression

He's been cleaning house for two hours.


Subject + has / have not (hasn't / haven't) + been + verb + ing + object(s) + time Expression

Janice hasn't been studying for too long.


(Question Word) + has / have + subject + been + verb + ing + object(s) + (time Expression)

How long have you been working in the garden?

Take this present perfect continuous quiz to check your understanding.

If you are a teacher, use this guide on how to teach the present perfect continuous tense for more help.

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