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Use this page as a starting page to improve your English. English tenses and important grammar rules are explained with follow-up quizzes. Other resources will help you build your vocabulary and practice your English with reading, listening comprehension and practice speaking dialogues. If you are taking an advanced level test, you will also find resources to help you pass these exams.
  1. Verb Forms and Tenses
  2. Verb Forms and Tenses - Quizzes
  3. Important Rules
  4. English Grammar Building Blocks
  5. Review Quizzes
  6. Strategies
  7. Vocabulary Lists and Reference
  8. Idioms and Expressions Quizzes
  1. Business English
  2. Reading Skills and Comprehension
  3. Listening Skills and Comprehension
  4. Writing in English
  5. Speaking and Pronunciation
  6. Learning Products
  7. English Tests - TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge Exams

Verb Forms and Tenses

Correct conjugation and verb form use forms the basis of effective communication in English. These study sheets will help you review basic tense forms and understand more advanced tenses and forms.

Verb Forms and Tenses - Quizzes

These verb forms and tenses quizzes will help you test your knowledge of correct verb conjugation in English. Most of the interactive quizzes provide feedback and scoring, as well as follow-up information if you need to review.

Important Rules

These important rules provide help on avoiding some of the most common mistakes in English including capitalization and punctuation. The guide to common mistakes in English focuses on 10 problems that non-native and native speakers often face.

English Grammar Building Blocks

These important grammar points focus on providing descriptive information, as well as linking your thoughts in writing and speaking. They also deal with word placement and sentence structure in order to help you communicate clearly in English.

Review Quizzes

These review quizzes test your knowledge of essential English grammar and vocabulary at both intermediate and advanced levels. Most quizzes offer feedback and scoring, as well as follow-up information to help you improve your score.


These strategies will help take your English communication skills to the next level. These articles will help identify your weak points, learning style and learning goals while providing useful tips and steps to improve your English learning in class and at home.

Vocabulary Lists and Reference

Enlarging your vocabulary is key to improving your English. These lists and reference guides will help you build vocabulary in key English learning areas such as commonly confused words, idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs and more.

Idioms and Expressions Quizzes

Understanding English idioms and expressions is one of the most challenging aspects to learning English. The key to learning new vocabulary is to test your understanding often and in different contexts. These quizzes focus on common English idioms and expressions which are used on a regular basis.

Business English

Many students use English with others around the globe in business settings. These resources have been developed for intermediate to advanced level students who want to focus specifically on improving English for business purposes.

Reading Skills and Comprehension

Reading widely and often is important in improving your English understanding as well as improving your vocabulary. These reading skills tips focus on using reading skills that you use everyday in your native language, as well as providing insight into common English writing styles. The quizzes will help you practice your reading comprehension for both intermediate and advanced levels.

Listening Skills and Comprehension

Improving listening skills is one of the greatest challenges for English learners. These sheets will help you understand strategies to improve your listening skills. The quizzes, for both intermediate and advanced levels, will help you practice, practice, practice!

Writing in English

As your English improves, you will begin writing a variety of documents. These resources will help you connect your ideas, strengthen your arguments in both formal and informal writing.

Speaking and Pronunciation

Pronunciation and speaking skills are perhaps the most important skills in English learning. Most people study English to speak with others, these articles will help you improve your pronunciation so that others can better understand. These resources will also help you with strategies to become more active in conversations.

Learning Products

It's great that you are using the internet to improve your English skills. However, you'll probably also need some products such as grammar books, dictionaries, etc. These product recommendations have been tried and tested in and outside of the English classroom.

English Tests - TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge Exams

English exams such as the TOEFL or any of the Cambridge exams are often required by employers, universities and other institutions. These resources will help you understand which test is best for you and how to effectively prepare for your exam.

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