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Dialogue and Multiple Choice Questions: Taking an Order


Taking an Order

Ms Anderson is in the dining room and would like to place an order for the dinner menu. Her wait person, Janet, takes her order and makes a few recommendations.

Janet: Good evening, madam. I trust you've had a pleasant day. Would you like to see the menu?
Ms Anderson: Yes, thank you.

Janet: Here you are. Would you like to begin with something from the bar?
Ms Anderson: Yes, could I have a dry martini?

Janet: Certainly, madam.
Ms Anderson: (looking at the menu) What are the specials this evening?

Janet: There's pan seared tuna steak, sweet and sour shrimp, tip of sirloin with your choice of pepper corn sauce or sauteed mushrooms. We also have a vegetarian entree.
Ms Anderson: mmm ... Which would you recommend? The tuna steak or tip of sirloin?

Janet: They're both very tasty. However, the tuna is fresh from the market.
Ms Anderson: Wonderful. I'll have the tuna.

Janet: Very good, madam. May I bring you an appetizer as well? The gazpacho is very tasty.
Ms Anderson: I think I'd prefer the shrimp cocktail.

Janet: Excellent choice, and for your first course?
Ms Anderson: Oh, there's so much to choose from.

Janet: May I suggest the linguini al pesto?
Ms Anderson: Yes, that sounds fine.

Janet: Would you like to see the wine menu?
Ms Anderson: No, that's alright. I'd like to have some white wine. Something simple.

Janet: The pinot grigio would go well with your meal.
Ms Anderson: Very good, then. Pinot grigio it is.

Janet: Would you like to order your dessert now, madam?
Ms Anderson: Let's wait on that.

Janet: Certainly. I'll bring the dessert list later.
Ms Anderson: Thank you.

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